Sunday, 18 January 2015

Twinkle Glitter Wool by James C. Brett

We are proud to announce that we are now stockists for James C. Brett yarns and have started selling their incredibly popular Twinkle glitter wool

After all, it is very theatrical... and it's a thread!

Twinkle yarn is available in the following colours;

TK1 - Black
TK2 - White
TK3 - Red
TK4 - Navy
TK5 - Dusky Lilac
TK6 - Teal
TK7 - Cerise
TK8 - Silver Grey
TK9 - Purple
TK10 - Black & Silver
TK11 - Cream
TK12 - Beige/natural
TK13 - Baby Pink
TK14 - Baby Blue
TK15 - Fuchsia
TK16 - Turquoise
TK17 - Aqua
TK18 - Ice Blue
TK19 - Royal Blue
TK20 - Ruby
TK21 - Gold
TK22 - Emerald Green
TK23 - Denim Blue
TK24 - Claret

You can find further details about the full range of Twinkle yarn colours on our website.

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