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Kids Sheep Costumes and Chinese New Year

Sheep Costume for Chinese New Year from Theatrical Threads

Theatrical Threads sell various sheep costumes for Christmas nativity plays as animals in the stable or lambs in the flock, out in the fields with the shepherds

2015 is also the Chinese Year of the Sheep, as well as the goat and ram so we decided to look at ways to promote our lamb or sheep costumes for celebrations when Chinese New Year starts on February 19th, 2015.

Sheep Ears and Tail Costume from Theatrical Threads

According to articles we have read on the internet, Chinese couples will have deliberately tried to get pregnant early enough during 2014 so that their baby is born during the year of the horse, which is considered to be one of the luckiest animals in the Chinese zodiac - because in Chinese culture, the year of the sheep, which follows immediately afterwards, is considered very unlucky. Those born during the year of the sheep are thought to be subservient, less likely to succeed or even be happy.

Most would say that qualities such as being loyal, generous, passive and kind are GOOD qualities but for the idealistic minds of the business focused Chinese population, it appears that this may not be the case. Sheep are perceived as being meek and people born during this year are considered to be more likely to end up being followers, rather than leaders.

It is unclear from the internet how the year of the sheep gained such a bad reputation when each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac appears to have its own virtues and faults. The dragon has always been the favourite in the lucky stakes, followed closely by the tiger and horse, yet even less liked animals such as the rat and snake are considered lucky.

Does this mean then, that Chinese parents will not dress their child up as a Sheep if they believe that the year brings bad luck? Would a Chinese parent refuse to let their child be a sheep in the Christmas nativity play at school?

Interestingly, we cannot find evidence to suggest that the sheep is the registered national animal of any country, anywhere in the world. Does this mean that other countries feel the same about their meekness?

Sales of kids animal costumes relating to any animal associated with the Chinese zodiac generally peek during January and February so time will tell with website sales in the New Year whether there is any truth in the superstitions...

This information is brought to you by Theatrical Threads Ltd and you thought we only sold costumes!

Sheep costume from Theatrical Threads

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