Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Basil Brush in Aladdin at Theatre Royal, Windsor

Basil Brush comes to the Windsor stage this Christmas as he appears in Aladdin as The Genie at The Theatre Royal, Windsor from 4th December to 5th January. Other celebrities appearing in panto with basil include ex Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan and celebrity cook, Rosemary Shrager.

If you would like to go to the Windsor panto dressed as Basil Brush then Theatrical Threads sell a great Fox Ears and Tail costume set as well as bow ties

What does the fox say? Well Boom! Boom! would seem appropriate!

Monday, 18 November 2013

What Does The Fox Say?

It's Tuesday and in the packing department there's mild confusion as to why a stage manager for Children in Need would order two pairs of fox ears to be sent to Elstree, in readiness for a dress rehearsal on Thursday 14th November, when Children in Need on Friday 15th is so very obviously focused on bears!

The thought passed and the parcel was dispatched and on Friday night our Director was watching Children in Need on the television when a group called Ylvis took to the stage with some special guests to perform The Fox, all dressed in fox costumes.

As they danced and say their way through the number, there was much excitement as to how or when we were possibly going to see the fox ears we had sent to Elstree being used and as they got to the end of the number, there was none other than Sir Terry Wogan and Zoe Ball standing in front of the studio screen, wearing our fox ears.

Needless to say we are chuffed to have been involved in such an epic show as BBC Children in Need

Apologies for the poor picture quality but these images were taken on a mobile phone from the BBC footage of Children in Need on iplayer. We tweeted during the live show and said that if Zoe Ball could get a picture of her and Sir Terry on Twitter wearing their ears, we will donate £100 to Children in Need!! Watch this space!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Father Christmas Suit or Coat Costume

Is your child's primary school planning a Christmas Fair this year?

Why not dress up to surprise the children at your child's nursery school, or play Santa Claus at the school Christmas Fayre. You could even dress up and arrange to visit a group of local underprivileged kids.

You could make your children's Christmas the most magical yet by dressing up to play Father Christmas himself on Christmas Eve?

Theatrical Threads sell two very different but equally great Father Christmas costumes for playing Santa Claus as well as a wig, beard and gloves set to spruce up an existing Father Christmas costume.

Our Father Christmas costumes are well made from very good quality fabric and will last for many years.

Father Christmas Suit from Theatrical Threads Ltd

Father Christmas Suit

Father Christmas Coat or Gown from Theatrical Threads Ltd

Father Christmas Gown or Coat

Father Christmas Wig, Beard & Gloves set from Theatrical Threads Ltd

Father Christmas Wig, Beard and Gloves set

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Families Magazine Chilterns

Find us on pages 15 and 16 of Families Magazine Nov/Dec 2013, Issue 64 for Families Chilterns

Theatrical Threads sell a wide variety of nativity cloaks and nativity animal costumes for both school and church productions on our website

Families Magazine Thames Valley East

Find us on pages 6 and 10 of Families Magazine Nov/Dec 2013, Issue 69 for Thames Valley East

Theatrical Threads sell a wide variety of nativity cloaks and nativity animal costumes for both school and church productions on our website