Monday, 11 November 2013

Father Christmas Suit or Coat Costume

Is your child's primary school planning a Christmas Fair this year?

Why not dress up to surprise the children at your child's nursery school, or play Santa Claus at the school Christmas Fayre. You could even dress up and arrange to visit a group of local underprivileged kids.

You could make your children's Christmas the most magical yet by dressing up to play Father Christmas himself on Christmas Eve?

Theatrical Threads sell two very different but equally great Father Christmas costumes for playing Santa Claus as well as a wig, beard and gloves set to spruce up an existing Father Christmas costume.

Our Father Christmas costumes are well made from very good quality fabric and will last for many years.

Father Christmas Suit from Theatrical Threads Ltd

Father Christmas Suit

Father Christmas Coat or Gown from Theatrical Threads Ltd

Father Christmas Gown or Coat

Father Christmas Wig, Beard & Gloves set from Theatrical Threads Ltd

Father Christmas Wig, Beard and Gloves set

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