Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Flag Face Paints For Football World Cup

Draw flag designs on your arms and face with our flag face paint crayons and show your allegiance to your countries' football team!

Our flag face paint sets, made by Stargazer, include 12 small water soluble crayons in a pack that will fit easily into a jeans pocket to take to the match or to the pub or for World Cup themed fancy dress parties!

Great for all sporting events, but especially for the FIFA World Cup which starts in Brazil on 12th June.

These little crayons are great for both adults and kids and they wash off easily with soap and water or face wipes.

The colours in the pack are Black, Orange, Dark Blue (2), Red (2), Green (2), White (2), Yellow and Mid Blue, allowing you to recreate most if not all of the flags of the world.

Flag Face Paints

Eurovision fans will also love these little crayons for Eurovision parties as well as attending The Eurovision Song Contest

Theatrical Threads think that these small face paint sticks are a good way to buy a range of face paint colours economically

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