Tuesday, 15 March 2011

School and University Events

As well as selling large quantities of masks to companies and hotels, we are also able to accept individual orders from attendees to large organised functions such as school and university leavers proms and balls.

Once a pre-arranged discount has been arranged through an event co-ordinator, for recommending our company to your attendees in your event literature (copy required), we will supply the event co-ordinator with a code to be used at checkout to qualify for the discounted purchase.

We can then either;

- Hold all orders from that location, for one central collection from our office.
- Dispatch the orders in one or more bulk dispatches to a central location for distibution, together with copies of invoices for easy identification
- Dispatch each order separately to individuals as per our normal posting procedure.

A minimum number of attendees may apply.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements either by email to
enquiries@theatricalthreads.co.uk or phoning us on 07590 453686.

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